IP protection for Blockchain & Web3


All of the foregoing general IP areas of services apply to blockchain; additionally, we offer blockchain-specific IP services including:

Blockchain (or distributed ledger technology / DLT)-Specific IP Issues:

Smart Contract and Blockchain Development:

  • Advise on the IP and other legal implications of developing and deploying blockchains, including smart contracts in specific.

Tokenization of IP:

  • Counsel on the legal aspects of tokenizing IP assets and the use of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for IP protection and monetization.

IP in Decentralized Systems:

  • Navigate the complexities of protecting IP in decentralized systems and distributed ledger technologies.

Policy Advocacy and Development:

  • Engaging with those Developing and Advancing Policies: Advocating for favorable IP policies and regulations related to blockchain and Web3 technologies.
  • Policy Development: Assisting industry groups and organizations in developing industry standards and policies for IP protection in the Web3 space.

Smart Contracts and Blockchain Governance:

  • Supporting  Smart Contracts Creation: Supporting the creation of smart contracts by ensuring they are  legally enforceable and compliant with relevant regulations.
  • Governance Frameworks: Advising on the establishment of governance frameworks for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other blockchain entities.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • IP Regulatory Advice:
  • Ensure compliance with international IP laws and regulations effecting or effected by blockchain technology.
  • Data Protection and Privacy:
  • Advise on data protection laws and how they intersect with blockchain, particularly concerning blockchain’s immutable nature.


  • Licensing and technology transactions
  • License negotiation