Who Are We?

A Distributed Law Firm For Technologists, Innovators, And Industry Leaders

Industria Business Lawyers LLP (“IBL Partners”) is a technology-forward distributed law firm. Since its founding in 2018, IBL Partners has leveraged versatility and technology to deliver professional and sophisticated legal services for innovators in the twenty-first century technology sector.

Advances in technology, including AI, Blockchain and DLT (distributed ledger technology), fintech, "DeFi", and "Web3" generally, continue to revolutionize the industry. Unfortunately, government agencies and corporate stakeholders often find themselves playing catch-up with innovation. IBL Partners leverages its collective regulatory experience and expertise in technology to navigate the regulatory uncertainty and offer clients indispensable legal support in new frontier as well as established areas of the law.

Our practice areas span a diverse array of fields, with a particular emphasis on blockchain, DeFi and web-3 regulation, AI, finance, venture capital and fundraising regulation, intellectual property, corporate and general counsel, and litigation.

Regulatory areas we frequently advise on with respect to relevant to blockchain include securities, commodities and derivatives (CFTC), and money services business (MSB) regulations, FinCEN and OFAC regulation, the New York “BitLicense” (and other state crypto-specific laws), lending and banking law, energy regulatory law, and multinational corporate structuring. In addition to counseling companies embracing emerging technologies, we help traditional companies innovate in emerging technology areas, while ensuring that all regulatory concerns are properly addressed.

Our technology industry areas include: token issuances (both security and utility, private placement and crowdfunded); DeFi; NFTs and general blockchain IP representation and ownership; payment and money services coins; mining; web3 multiverse, GameFi; AI; and crypto market-making (including derivatives/CFTC). We also perform token securities characterization and, regulatory coverage/diagnostic reviews, and advise on web3 protocol/platform, and KYC/AML compliance across all web3 verticals.

Our Mission

Industria Business Lawyers LLP provides clients with on-demand and tailored legal services by empowering an alliance of independent attorneys with a collaborative, supportive, and technology-forward virtual environment, enabling the efficient delivery of cutting-edge solutions for industry-specific issues, transactions, and disputes.

Our Vision

Industria Business Lawyers LLP's vision is firmly anchored in the progressive expansion of emerging industries by strategically incorporating accomplished professionals with niche proficiencies into its ecosystem. We are dedicated to empowering clients and attorneys alike by cultivating supportive virtual environments, and enabling dynamic and technology-forward collaborations that modernize the delivery of industry and context-specific legal services. At the heart of our ethos lies the belief in fostering attorney independence to acquire knowledge, experience, and inspiration, both within and beyond our firm, while simultaneously empowering attorneys to maximize the use of their professional abilities.

Expertise At Every Step

Our Team Of Former Industry Experts Offers Up-To-Date Compliance Guidance, Experienced Transactional Support, and Multifaceted Representation In Litigation. Contact us to learn how we can be of service.