The Preeminent Distributed Law Firm For innovators & Industry Leaders

Industria Business Lawyers LLP is a full-service distributed law firm serving innovators, investors, and leaders engaging with tech-forward solutions and emerging industries

Where Industry Meets Legal

Industria Business Lawyers provides clients with on-demand and tailor-fit legal services by empowering an alliance of independent attorneys with a collaborative, supportive, and technology-forward virtual environment, enabling the efficient delivery of cutting-edge solutions for industry-specific issues, transactions, and disputes.

We help innovators reach their industry-changing potential, while ensuring that they meet their regulatory demands and necessary corporate frameworks. Beyond comprehensive transactional and regulatory support, we use our industry-specific expertise to litigate enforcement actions, corporate disputes, and seek justice for businesses and investors alike. 


We are dedicated to empowering clients and attorneys alike by cultivating supportive virtual environments, and enabling dynamic and technology-forward collaborations that modernize the delivery of industry and context-specific legal services.

Corporate Services

Our professionals have assisted hundreds of clients in the tech industry in navigating a myriad of issues including corporate structuring, securities and regulatory compliance,venture capital and fundraising regulation, intellectual property, investor visas, litigation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), cross-border transactions, and more.

Industries we Serve

While new industries continue to adopt emerging technologies, we are proud to offer guidance to companies in the Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), NFT, Finance & Fintech, Real Estate, Entertainment, Gaming, Metaverse, and other technology-forward industries.

The Cure For “BIGLAW” Syndrome

The large “white-shoe” law firms tend to cater heavily to major corporations in traditional industries. This often results in a poor fit for startups, small to medium-sized enterprises, and those working in emerging technologies. Because of this, technology-forward enterprises are often faced with excessive bills for simple matters, subpar responsiveness (as bigger clients take priority), and even underdeveloped expertise in emerging tech (despite assurances to the contrary). Unlike “Biglaw”, we use a lightweight, “just-in-time” staffing model which interfaces our clients directly with purpose-built teams, ensuring that clients have unfettered access to cutting-edge regulatory expertise, without being treated like an afterthought.

Current & Past Clients

We treat our client relationships as presumptively confidential. Below are clients who have allowed us to acknowledge our successful relationships:

Expertise At Every Step

Our Team Of Industry Experts Up-To-Date Compliance Guidance, Experienced Transactional Support, and Multifaceted Representation In Litigation. Contact us to learn how we can be of service.